Sunday, May 6, 2012

One month

One month from day (as far as the date on the calendar) Kjell and I will be on our way to Sweden. WOW I can't believe it is that close. Sometimes it feels like a dream still that we or maybe just that I am going. After how Justus acted yesterday when I left him for a few hours I am rethinking my plan of having the kids say bye to us at the airport. It is going to be very tough to leave my kids with other people (even if they are some of the people I trust most in the world with my kids) but two weeks is a long time. Please pray for my kids and also those watching them, because it's not easy raising three little ones. Even if it is only for two weeks! I think Kiah will be fine and she sees this as her own adventure as she will get to spend a whole week with her cousin. Justus will probably be fine too, once we are gone- I hope he just always wants me to know that he loves me, loves me most, loves me mostister and loves me loves me... I know this time won't last long so I hope he still feels that way after I leave him for so long. Karis is the wild card. She could do great or she could be the one everyone is glad to see leave when their turn is over. She is doing really well sleeping in her own bed but that is just it it has to be her own bed. It's not a crib any more and I do think the first night will be tough for her but I think after that she will settle down and enjoy herself.

I am just trying to prepare my heart and mind for this trip when there are so many other things on this heart and mind right now with the whole job situation. There is now a petition going to try to get Kjell reinstated. I don't see the school board changing their minds but I am very happy to see people supporting Kjell. Kjell still has about one million applications in and we still haven't heard from anyone. I am nervous for that call though. Kjell has been offered the teaching jobs at 75% of his job interviews.That's pretty good odds that an interview means a job.  He is a great teacher and many schools would be happy to have him. I am just not sure where we will end up. That is always the fun part!

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