Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today Kjell had his first interview in town number 1. While he has his interview the kids and I drove all around town and checked it out. There was not much to see it was a very small town, and from the look of it it looked liked a very poor town. We saw not one house for sell or one house for rent. Also at the park there were some young boys who were making fun of Kiah so I wasn't too impressed. It was in a beautiful part of Kansas with rolling hills in something called TREES all over. lol Kjell thought the interview went well and enjoyed the people he met, the school is pretty small he said you could see from one end of the school to the other when you walk in the front door!

We drove through the town Kjell interviews in tomorrow. We didn't stay long because the kids were asleep so we didn't want to wake them up but we found the school and drove down too blocks. This town looked really nice! The school also looked very nice I am excited to explore it more tomorrow. We have found a few houses for sale in this town but none of them our in our size range. One had an inground pool we figured we could drain it roof it and make it into a bedroom. JK! Please keep praying for us. It has been fun to get some calls and if God wants us in one of these towns it will happen or if He has something else in mind I hope we get that call soon. We leave for Sweden in two weeks from today! I have SOOOO much to do.

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