Sunday, May 27, 2012

Old Navy

 Most people know one of my favorite places to shop is Old Navy I enjoy some of the crazy fabulous sales they have. Like the weekend I just happened to be in Wichita and they had a 5 hour half price coat sale and the next day a 5 hour half priced sweater day. Then I got to host a party with one of my good friends and two of Jordan's friends and we got to try on a ton of clothes. Since then Old Navy is really one of my go to stores for myself. This time I got to get free shorts for me and a friend. I also gave one away to Mary even though she's not a sis-in-law yet she is really going to think I give great gifts I hope she doesn't get too used to all the free clothes! haha. Anyways I was impressed with a pair of Old Navy shorts I had bought two years ago and was super sad I had not bought more than one pair. So when I found out I won this I was excited. I did a lot of looking at the "shorts page" at and was impressed with how they tried to cater to everyone. There were super short shorts... not for me of course... and then there were mid thigh and then they had my new favorite style the Bermuda shorts. I was so excited to get a pair of those. I think Old Navy has such good sales it is worth waiting for what you want to go on sale because it will. Thanks again Old Navy for letting me try some of your great clothes!

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