Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What a difference a week makes

Well lets see last week, Kjell knew of three interviews and had no offers. Today we stand at Kjell having two more interviews- completing three in the last week being offered TWO jobs and having to turn down an interview. And then comes the really hard part... Picking a school. I LOVE that Kjell teaches- I love getting involved with the schools he teaches in- doing books for sporting events, even running the clock for football games. We are a family who LOVES sports so getting to back a school for my whole life has been amazing. I started out as a Meade Buffalo- got a plaque in high school for having attended every single varsity game while in HS which included riding with a guys' parents I had never talked to to get to one game. I endured a year of the longest losing streak of Meade football and then watching that come to an end. I can still remember the celebration of that game like it was yesterday. After graduating I attended Seward County Community College and got to watch some of the best girls' basketball players ever. And even had class with a  guy who ended up at Oklahoma State University. I was a part of the women's tennis team there and while I didn't contribute much to the playing- I played number 6 I did top out our GPA and helped us earn a banner that still stands at SCCC for some kind of academic team award.  Then I went to Washburn and attended every football game and basketball game as part of the pep band my first year then as a fan my second year. We had our own little cheering section- some of my friends and these two guys who had to be in their 90s that never missed a game. We always held our breath to make sure they were at each game- we were afraid they might die and we would never know. Then I went work for Inner City Urban Young Life in Kansas City Missouri.  I spent two years working in the "toughest roughest" (according to all the KC news stations) in KCMO. While there I kept books, botched the national anthem in front of about 500 people... awful! and called my dad after the first game and told him to write a freshmen' name down... Travis Releford  I told dad he was going to be big- ( He was a member of the runner up KU Jayhawks this past year. Then we moved to Spring Hill and I became a Bronco- I worked as a para for one year and then I had Kiah but continued to do books for the school district the next year. Then Kjell got the call to Atwood and we became Buffaloes again. I once again found myself doing books and even assistant  coaching jr high volleyball. Then we moved to Meade and Kjell started working in Minneola and I got to books in Meade and Minneola- I love watching sports and seriously for basketball the best seats in the house are behind the scorers' table. So yeah sports are in our blood. I would have to say one of my favorite things about being a teacher's wife is still being able to cheer. Sometimes for the state champs  and sometimes for the team who won no games the whole season. I love being a part of that, and I love being a part of a community drawn together by sports.

Which is probably why I usually cheer for the underdog. I love the NCAA tourny we don't miss a game in our house. It's when Kjell and I met and started dating in 2003 there is just nothing like having everything come down to one single game.. and sometimes one single second- just ask Memphis.. So when we went to a school this last week that in my mind screamed underdog... I didn't want to go there I didn't want my kids to have to go there. So I told Kjell I didn't want to go there. He enjoyed the interview, enjoyed  the school, and was offered the job. But we still had three interviews and one more school who he had already interviewed with.... and one week changed everything. He got offered another job, in a better location, a "better" school, we can do swim team again, if I have any Atwood readers you know why that is important to Kjell and me. But we went back and forth for hours today trying to justify telling our underdog school thank you but no thanks. Finally that is what happened. Kjell called me and I cried but I knew this time it had to be done. He called back about 20 minutes later, I asked how they had taken it they did well but Kjell said he almost cried... lol I am starting to wear off on him. We still are not sure where for sure we are going but we are not going to the underdog town. But even from the hour and a half I spent in their town, I will always have a good feeling towards them... and always watch the bottom of the Friday night news to see how their teams did that night.

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